Ukraine 2018: First technical rehearsal for Mélovin!

Ukraine 2018: First technical rehearsal for Mélovin!

Today’s rehearsals close with Ukraine. The country is represented this year by Mélovin who will sing “Under the ladder

At the beginning of the song we see Mélovin laying down in a cage at the top of a piano. The piano is on a higher level above the ground and next to it there are stairs.

Then Mélovin is lifted up from this cage and he walks down the stairs to reach the ground. At the end of the song he walks up to the stairs and he sits on the piano.

Initially, there were some problems with the sound and especially with the back vocals but this problem was solved in the next runs of the rehearsal. A good performance for the previous year’s host country!

Take a look at Melovin’s first rehearsal :

Angelo D.

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