Ukraine 2018: The semi finals draw allocation and running order.

Ukraine 2018: The semi finals draw allocation and running order.

Today Ruslan Quinta , the music producer of this year’s Ukrainian national final, Vidbir 2018, held the draw for the allocation and running order of both semi finals, which will take place on 10 and 17 February.

Therefore during the 1st semi final will perform the following artists :

  1. Constantine
  2. Serhii Babkin
  3. Laud
  4. Kazka
  5. The Vyo
  6. Kozak System
  7. Vil’na
  8. Pur: Pur
  9. The Erised 

On the 2nd semi final the performing acts will be:

  1. Ingret Kostenko
  2. Melovin
  3. Julinoza
  4. Tayanna
  5. Kadnay
  6. Yurcash
  7. Mountain Breeze
  8. Illaria
  9. Dilemma

These semi final contestants will compete for 6 spots in the Grand Final on February 24. The 6 finalist will be rated by a jury formed by JamalaAndriy «Verka Serduchka» Danylko and music producer  Eugene Filatov  alongside with the public voting  having a 50% each.

This year’s participation will be the 15th for the country, which already counts 2 victories in the Contest ( 2004, 2016) , two 2nd places and one 3rd placing. Last year has a host county the were represented by O.Torvald and their entry«Time» which ended up in the 24th place of  the Grand Final.

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