Ukraine 2018: Watch Melovin’s official Video Clip

Ukraine 2018: Watch Melovin’s official Video Clip

Melovin is the representative of Ukraine at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. The song that Melovin will perform on Altice Arena is entitled “Under the Ladder”.

Today, the official Video Clip of the song was released.

Taras Golubkov is the director of the Video clip, and the Top Model of the World 2017, Julia Gershun starred,which plays the role of temptation in Melovin’s story.

The Video Clip is a story in which Melovin gives a battle with himself, which involves temptations and difficulties and hinders his progress towards the top.

In the clip, elements of nature dominate, such as the wind, symbolizing Melovin’s difficulties and the fire in which Melovin is burnt and reborn from the ashes to become a different person.

Below you can watch the Video Clip of the song:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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