Ukraine: Go_A reveal how their Eurovision 2021 entry will be determined

Ukraine: Go_A reveal how their Eurovision 2021 entry will be determined

The Ukrainian representatives at Eurovision 2021 , Go_A , have unveiled some elements of the process through which they will choose their new song for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

Ukraine is one of the countries that has already confirmed its participation in Eurovision 2021. UA: PBC will stick with the national final winners of Vidbir 2020 and continue in Eurovision 2021 with the group  Go_A . The winners of this year’s Vidbir already have a plan on how to choose their new song for next year’s edition. 

The plans that Ukraine has for Eurovision 2021, the Go_A team announced in the program ЖВЛ on channel 1 + 1.  The ten-minute interview that took place was   dedicated to the beginnings of the musicians’ career and the private history of the main singer, Kateryna Pawłenko . The leader of the group among other personal elements talked about the Eurovision experience.

Kateryna Pawłenko confesses that winning in Vidbir was an unusual and unexpected experience. Joy, however, was not short-lived. Less than a month later, the EBU announced that Eurovision 2020 will not take place. Despite the first shock and disappoitment the ESC 2020 hopefuls quickly learned that Ukraine would continue with them at the next competition. A few days later came EBU’s decision that the songs made public before September 2020 will not take part in next year’s edition. Kateryna says about this year’s Eurovision developments:

Initially, I was upset [that the song Solovey will not sound at Eurovision], I did not think that we would need a completely new composition. […] We received a lot of comments in which fans wanted our next song. We’ve decided that in this case we will prepare five, from which the listeners will choose one.

Thus, in the first months of 2021 we will hear five competition proposals from the Go_A team. With one of them they will represent Ukraine at Eurovision. At the moment we do not know the details of how to choose them. Due to the agreement between the public broadcaster UA: PBC and STB, organizing the selections, we can expect that the stations will organize a format in which we will hear all the compositions. This is the solution used in this year’s selection season. They decided to include Romanians or Israelis.


Ukraine debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 with Oleksandr Ponormayov‘s Hasta la vista, and has won the competition twice in 2004 (Ruslana) and 2016 (Jamala). The country has hosted the contest twice in its majestic capital Kyiv in 2005 and 2017.Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest and has so far not missed out competing in the Grand Final while has been abcent only the 2015 edition.

The country has made it 9 times in the top 10 during its 15 years of ESC participations, including 2 victories ( 2004, 2016), 2 2nd placings (2007, 2008), 13rd placing (2013) and 4th placing (2011).In 2018 Ukraine was represented by Vidbir 2018 winner, Melovin with his entry Under the ladder, achieving a 17th place in the Grand Final.

In 2019 Ukraine saw a dramatic national selection Vidbir, which saw Maruv winning with her entry Siren Song. After a serial of dramatic developments between the broadcaster and the winner eventually Ukraine withdrew from the Eurovision 2019.

This year After two semi final rounds and a total of 16 candidates , the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision 2020, Vidbir 2020, crowned winner the group  Gо_A  and the entry  “Solovey” . Unfortunately their Eurovision journey stayed incomplete as the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 


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