Ukraine: Go_A to perform “Shum” at Eurovision 2021

Ukraine: Go_A to perform “Shum” at Eurovision 2021

The Ukrainian Eurovision 2021 representatives, the band Go_A, will compete in Rotterdam singing the song “Shum”.

One more nation has decided its  Eurovision 2021 entry! Ukraine marks the fourth nation to select it entry as their ESC 2021 hopefuls, Go_A , will be performng the song “Shum” in Rotterdam next May. 

Ukraine is one of the first countries to confirm its participation in Eurovision 2021 with UA: PBC deciding to stick with the national final winners of Vidbir 2020 and continue in Eurovision 2021 with the group  Go_A. 

While in the summer the folkore group attended a songwriting camp in order to work on potential Eurovision 2021 songs. Go_A had the chance to meet up and work with the composer of Czech Republic’s ESC 2019 entry, Friend of a friendMaciej Mikolaj Trybulec, British Ashley Hicklin, who was behind the Belgic Eurovision 2010 song, Me and my guitar,along with this year’s Swiss creators of , Repondez-Moi.

Although the song selection with five candidate entries, they talked about previously, eventually never took place due to the ongoing pandemic, a special jury determined internally the entry which Go_A will perform in Rotterdam. 

The jury consisted of the following members: 

  • Jamala: Eurovision 2016 winner
  • Evgeny Filaton: Member of the group ‘The Maneken’
  • Ruslan Kvinta: Music producer
  • Yarloslav Lodigin: Member of the UA:PBC board
  • Dmitry Khorkin: Μember of the UA:PBC board

The jury memeber awarded points to each of the candidate songs. Three songs “Rano”“Tserkovka” and “Shum” were Go_A’s music proposals with the song “Shum” receiving the highest amount of points. This was the first time since 2004 where the public opinion will have no influence to the song selection process. 

The song is based on the ritual game of the same name. The song “Shum” (“Noise”)  interpreted by the band Go_A is a modern reintepretation of an archaic game with elements of ancient magical rituals.

Singer and winner of Eurovision-2016 Jamala shared her impressions of the song chosen by the jury:

I voted for the song “Shum” – it sounds very modern to me. Singing live decides almost everything, so I would like to wish Katya the confidence she had in the National final last year. Just sing, and it seems to me that everything will work out!

Music producer and composer Ruslan Quinta commented on the selected ESC 2021 entry:

I am glad that the band did not stand still for a year. We see that they have invested all their strength, thoughts and ideas in their work and great love in what they do.

Go_A are to compete in the second half of the first semi final on May 18 in Rotterdam. Listen below to the song which will reach its final version by next March: 

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