Ukraine: Jamala releases the music video of her single “Solo”

Ukraine: Jamala releases the music video of her single “Solo”

The 2016 Eurovision winner, Jamala, last January released her new single entitled “Solo”.  The Ukrainian artist released now the official music video of her latest work.

The song “Solo”

Jamala’s last single , “Solo”, is a pop piano song conveying the atmospheric sound that usually we see in her songs. The new single talks about the search of independence and balance after a heartbreaking break up. Its lyrics describe the ongoing search for independence and self-affirmation.

      Stop doing what you’re doing

You won’t win me over 

And I’ll just keep rollin’ my eyes 

I move away and you come in a little closer 

But I don’t want you 

Tonight I’m solo but I don’t want you

 Tonight I’m solo

Music video’s make off and messages

The music video of Solo was filmed in Countess Uyarova’s Mansion in Kyiv. According to the artist the video is close to the themes most of her songs cover. The picture of her transparent cube symbolizes a crystal castle in which we hide in , away from reality and others. Jamala has outlined the difficulties she faced during the filming of the video as she had to stay in the cube without fresh air and coping with steam room’s temperature, making it difficult to breath and move. The heavy clothes and jewels made the situation even more uncomfortable.

The video’s director, Anna Buriachkova stated that the specific video aims to showcase Jamala herself and her inner world. The point symbolizing the crystal castles separate us from the rest of the world. In the castles we can be ourselves without worrying about other’s opinion or reaction.However the castles remain fragile and transparent.  

Take a look at the music video below:

Jamala in Eurovision

Jamala represented Ukraine at the  Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, with her entry  “1944”, and won the first place among 26 competing countries. 

The song 1944 is inspired by the violent deportation of Tartars living in Crimea and precisely by her grandmother’s story who lost her daughter moving towards central Asia. The song was written in 2014 and even though it came 2nd in both public and jury voting according to the voting system it topped the scoreboard with an overall score of 534 points, leaving behind 2nd Australia with 511 points and Russia in 3rd place with 491 points.  

Back at the beginning of 2011 Jamala hade taken place in the Ukrainian national final, making her first attempt to represent thte country with the song  ‘Smile’. Despite topping the televoting she came 3rd among 19 entries once the jury votes were added. 

Lets remember Jamala’s wining performance in Stockholm at Eurovision 2016:

Angelo D.

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