Ukraine JESC 2019: Sofia Ivanko to Junior Eurovision 2019

Ukraine JESC 2019: Sofia Ivanko to Junior Eurovision 2019

Ukraine has determined its Junior Eurovision 2019 representative, as  13-year-old Sofia Ivanko will perform  “Koly zdaietsia” (When It Seems) in Gliwice-Sliesia next November. 

Sofia won the national final among a total of 10 songs that took part in the national selection and will be representing Ukraine in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Slilesia, Poland on November 24. All entries were submitted throung an online platform and the final outcome was determined by a 7 member jury consisted of Ukraine’e broadcaster representatives and names from the music industry.

The jury consisted of:

  • Oleksandra Koltsova, singer and member of the board of UA:PBC
  • Alyosha, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 participant
  • Mykhailo Klymenko, singer and composer of the Junior Eurovision 2018 entry
  • Tanya Sha, producer and composer
  • Oleksandr Stasov, UA:PBC’s music producer
  • Oksana Skybinska, the head of delegation of Ukraine
  • Stanislav Medvediev, the executive producer of entertainment at UA:PBC

Alyosha stated on the jury’s selection:

We have decided that Sofia Ivanko would be the best representative of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year. Why? Because she very much stands out from other participants, she is very special, she has her specific, very expressively emotional character, she is mysterious and there is something about her, not characteristic of other people or other participants. The song needs a little more extra work, and then it will be very cool material, a cool song. I hope that Ukraine’s entry will be highly appreciated not only here, in this room, but also all over the world.

The 10 entries that reached the national final were:

  • Alisa Chydzhan – “Novyi den” (New Day)
  • Anhelina Terennikova – “Fly Away”
  • Evanhelina Zamula – “Malyi you” (I Draw You)
  • Mariya Tkachuk – “Nytochky” (Threads)
  • Oleksandr Balabanov – “Power in You”
  • Oleksandr Zazarashvilli – “Moia MA (Zalysheni v pit’mi)” (My MA (Left in The Dark…))
  • Polina Pisartsova – “My Friend”
  • Sofia Ivanko – “Koly zdaietsia” (When It Seems)
  • Valeriya Khrystyk – “I Will Shine”
  • Varvara Koshova – “Dyvo v rozmayitty” (A Miracle in Diversity”

A few words about Sofia

Sofia is 13 yeas old singer and comes from Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv. Sofia can play the piano and is attending vocal lessons. Her music range includes several kind of music genres.

This wasn’t Sofia’s first attempt to represent the country, as she took part in the 2018 Ukranian national final with the entry, “Chomu? (Why?)”. Earlier this year, she also took part in The Voice Kids in Ukraine, as member of on Jamala’s team, the Ukraine representative in Eurovision 2016.

Ukraine in  Junior Eurovision

The country made its first appearance back in 2006 and from then on hasn’t missed a contest. On its first participation the country was represented by Nazar Slyusarchuk. His song, “Khlopchyk Rock-n-Roll”, finished in 9th place. In 2012 , Ukraine was crowned winner in Amsterdam , with  Anastasiya Petryk  and her song Nebo, reaching a total of 138 points and after receiving 8 set of 12 points. Ukraine hosted the contest not only in 2013 after its 2012 victory but back in 2009 also. Last year, Darina Krasnovetska represented the country with “Say Love”.  which finished in 4th place.

Listen to Sofia’s JESC entry below:


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