Ukraine: Kalush Orchstera confirmed for Eurovision 2022

Ukraine: Kalush Orchstera confirmed for Eurovision 2022

Ukraine’s national broadcaster, UA: PBC, has confirmed that the Kalush Orchestra and their song “Stefania” will represent the country in Turin.

Following the withdrawal of Alina Pash from the competition following allegations of forgery of travel documents relating to her entry into the Crimea in August 2015, the Organizing Committee decided to nominate the Kalush Orchestra to represent the country in Turin. However, the band Kalush Orchestra came second in the national final with the song “Stefania” and was in first place in the public vote.

The Kalush Orchestra accepted the proposal with the Ukrainian broadcaster, UA: PBC, confirming today that the Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022 with the song “Stefania”.

Kalush Orchetra singer Oleh Psyuk said of the decision:

“We are grateful to everyone who supported us during the national final and gave us first place in the public vote. We promise every Ukrainian that we will justify your choice. In difficult times for our country, we must reaffirm ourselves to the world. That is why we are ready to represent Ukraine with dignity to all of Europe.”

Ukraine in Eurovision

Ukraine has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 2003 and has won the contest two times in 2004 with the Ruslana and the song ”Wild Dances” and in 2016 with ”Jamala” and the song ”1944′‘. 

In 2021 Ukraine represented by Go_A who sang ”Shum” which finished 5th place with 364 points. 

News Source: UA:PBC/Eurovoix

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