Ukraine: MARUV still not officially confirmed for Eurovision 2019; Final decision within next 48 hours

Ukraine: MARUV still not officially confirmed for Eurovision 2019; Final decision within next 48 hours

Kiev-based Ukrainian news agency UNIAN (Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News) reports that MARUV, who was selected as the winner of last night’s Ukrainian national selection “Vidbir 2019”, is still not the official Ukrainian entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ukrainian national public broadcaster UA:PBC will make a final decision within the next 48 hours.

Although MARUV won last night’s public televote and also received the second highest score (5 points) from the jury panel at the final of “Vidbir 2019” and therefore gained the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, it is still not decided if she will in fact fly the Ukrainian flag in Tel Aviv. It is reported that MARUV was given a contract with a row of conditions and questions she must meet and give a reponse to in the next 24 hours in order to be allowed to represent Ukraine. The contract and the whole issue is a consequence of MARUV’s multiple concerts and appearances in Russia in the past and also in the future as the Ukrainian singer has a schedule for several performances in Russia in the next months.

Board member at UA:PBC Ms Koltsova gave an official statement:

Now we have to approve or agree on the winner, who will travel from Ukraine. And we, as UA:PBC, listen to society. In society today there are different opinions…can a performer who has a concert activity in Russia represent Ukraine? There is a point in our contract that we need to discuss with MARUV. […] We have a clause in the contract that provides for certain decisions – they have to accept it.

It is still not confirmed what will happen if MARUV fails to meet the contract’s requirements and if MARUV’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest will involve the cancellation of her future performances in Russia. This scandal comes after yesterday’s “Vidbir 2019” final, during which several acts including MARUV were interrogated about their relationship with Russia and their views towards Crimea and politics involved in that matter.


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