Ukrainian representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Melovin gave some more information  about how he show on stage at Altice Arena , while delivering his entry “ Under The Ladder”.

Melovin promised to bring Ukraine back to good results, with his song, which won the national final in Ukraine, “Vidbr”, and has undergone a slight renewal.

Despite this change, Melovin, whose real name is Kostyantyn Bocharov, keeps his fans awaiting of what exactly they will watch  in Lisbon. At a press conference he stated:

“I’m not telling anyone what I will change in my performance. Yes, some things will be different …. But I’m sure with certainty that there will be flames even in my eye. We want what we are going to present in Lisbon to be real, not plastic’. It should be done correctly. But I do not want to say what we will change. I like intrigue”.

Furthermore, the former winner of the Ukrainian X-Factor mentioned:

“The victory could be very different. One thing is important to me …. Europe to  remember me and my song to be sung after Eurovision. Sometimes the places just below the first place show more success”.

Melovin will appear in the second half of the 2nd semifinal on May 10th.