Ukraine: Tayanna replaced by Maruv; Semi final allocation revealed

Ukraine: Tayanna replaced by Maruv; Semi final allocation revealed

The Ukrainian national broadcaster following Tayanna’s withdrawal from the national final process, Vidbir 2019, decided to replace the act and released the semi final allocation. 

After TAYANNA’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian national selection led the organiser to fill her spot with a new contestant, the 26 yo Maruv. Maruv, received fame after her participation in the 4th season of  The Voice of Ukraine and is already are successful act in the country’s music industry.

Additionally, the broadcaster announced the semi final allocation of Vidbir 2019 and specify in which semi final each act from the 16 contestants will compete. 

1st semi final – February 9 

  1. The Hypnotunez
  2. Letay
  3. Vera Kekelia
  4. TseShow
  5. Yuko
  6. Maruv
  7. Brunettes Shoot Blondes
  8. Bahroma

2nd Semi final – February 16

  1. Ivan Navi
  2. Anna Maria
  3. Kazka
  4. Kira Lazur
  5. Laud
  6. Khayat
  7. Braii
  8. Freedom Jazz

Vidmir 2019 will consist of three shows, two semi finals and one final. The confirmed dates of the show are :

  • 09/02/2019- 1st semi final
  • 16/02/2019- 2nd semi final
  • 23/02/2019- Final


Ukraine debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 with Oleksandr Ponormayov‘s Hasta la vista, and has won the competition twice in 2004 (Ruslana) and 2016 (Jamala). 

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest and has so far not missed out competing in the Grand Final while has been abcent only in the 2015 edition. The country has made it 9 times in the top 10 during its 15 years of ESC participations, including 2 victories ( 2004, 2016), 2 2nd placings (2007, 2008), 1 3rd placing (2013) and 4th placing (2011).

In 2018 Ukraine was represented by Vidbir 2018 winner, Melovin with his entry Under the ladder, achieving a 17th place in the Grand Final.

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