Ukraine: The country’s participation at risk

Ukraine: The country’s participation at risk

EBU has just released an announcement (read it HERE) concerning UA: PBC, the Ukranian public broadcaster,highlighting the urgency of finding the broadcaster adequate funding in order to keep functioning in a productive way. Nowadays, UA: PBC  functions with only half the budget prescribed by Ukrainian law and had reduced staff numbers.If the underfunding continues, it may result in ending its operation by the end of next month unless the serious financing problem it faces is solved. This puts the country’s participation at ESC 2018 in serious danger  since only EBU public broadcasters can take part in Eurovision. If so, in May, during the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, UA:PBC does not exist in Ukraine, then there will be no Ukrainian participation.

We remind you that Ukraine has already selected as its  representative in this year’s contest, Melovin with the song “Under The Ladder”.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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