Ukraine: “Vidbir 2019” drama continues as Freedom Jazz also reject Eurovision participation

Ukraine: “Vidbir 2019” drama continues as Freedom Jazz also reject Eurovision participation

After yesterday’s announcement of Ukrainian national broadcaster UA:PBC that “Vidbir 2019” winner MARUV will not represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, runners up at “Vidbir 2019” Freedom Jazz have also rejected to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv.

One day after MARUV and UA:PBC did not reach anagreement as MARUV did not agree to three aspects of the contract that would have enabled her to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv, the Ukrainian national selection drama does not seem to come to an end. According to Viktor Taran, who is a member of the Supervisory Board of UA:PBC, MARUV and her lawyers did not agree that the singer should cancel all future appearances in Russia, nor that she should represent the views of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest, or that she should share the views of the Ukrainian state if asked questions by journalists.

After the failed negotiations, the Ukrainian national broadcaster has proposed to Freedom Jazz and KAZKA as runners up in the selection to represent Ukraine at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. However, the group Freedom Jazz, who finished second at “Vidbir 2019”, has also rejected this proposal and will therefore not fly the Ukrainian flagn Tel Aviv. They announced their decision on their official Facebook page thanking their fans for the huge support.

The girlgroup’s full statement can be read and seen down below:

cupidonSOURCE: Freedom Jazz (offcial Facebook page)

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