Ukraine’s First Rehearsal.

Ukraine’s First Rehearsal.

It’s time for the host country to get on stage. O. Torvald are going to perform straight to the final with their song Time, succeeding last year’s winner Jamala. The Ukrainian group had won the golden ticket against all odds and managed to be the country’s representatives in the Eurovision host by their country.

O. Torvald stated ready for their rehearsal and aware of the the high responsibility their participation , as Ukraine is the host country.

As expected they appear on stage as a band. In the middle of the stage a big head is pictured and generally the whole setting is quite dark. Spotlights which throw a trembling light on the stage, give the perfect atmosphere and color for a rock entry. At the end of the song we see a sunset pictured on the back round. Overall a well set on stage entry but the song passes casually.











Take a look at the video with Ukraine’s first rehearsal:






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