UK’s first rehearsal!

UK’s first rehearsal!

Now it’s time for Lucie Jones and United Kingdom to appear on stage. After her victory in the national final among the other five contestants and her appearance in the sixth version of the british X- Factor, Lucie Jones is ready for her first rehearsal for the big final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It should be mentioned that one the composers of the song is the winner Emmelie de Forest, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 for Denmark and she will be in Kiev as well in order to support Lucie Jones.

In this first rehearsal Lucie wears a long gold dress and behind her there is a construction in the shape of a seashell, with lights coming from it. She is alone on stage and she has the same lights like the lights of the seashell.

During the song a fan is used and this helps the whole atmosphere. We can say that it is a very simple appearance that looks very nice. After the song, the attenders gave Lucie a big round of applause, and the whole press center seems to have liked it very much. The second round of this first rehearsal was stopped due to technical problems but after that the next round was very successful.


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