UK’s first rehearsal

UK’s first rehearsal

There are two helical staircases on stage; Bianca is coming down the one on the left and Alex is coming down the one on the right. There are also two female backing vocalists at the bottom of Bianca’s staircase and two male dancers at the bottom of Alex’s. To start with, the stage is lit in yellow with Art Deco motifs shown in the background (a stylistic reference to the ‘swing’ part of the song). Bianca is in pink fringed mini dress whereas Alex is wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Their singing is good but the song is not demanding vocally anyway. At some point the light on stage dims and stage and costume details are picked out in multicoloured fluorescent stripes (a reference to the ‘electro’ part of the song perhaps). Alex and Bianca are interacting effortlessly and expressively with each other. There is an interesting overhead shot of Bianca and Alex looking up while the stage resembles a stylised flower as well as concentric hearts projected in the background for the song’s finale. Camera angles are still being worked out and, on a couple, of occasions, the singers are obscured by the backing singers doing their swing dance routine. The presentation becomes more exciting with each run as more elements are incorporated – there are even pyrotechnics used for the song’s finale during the last run.

Angelo D.

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