United Kingdom 2018: How did SuRie experience the invasion on the stage?

United Kingdom 2018: How did SuRie experience the invasion on the stage?

Clearly one of the moments that marked this year’s final of the contest was the invasion of an unknown man on stage, when SuRie was singing the “Storm”.

This man (nicknamed Dr AC Activism) who previously had been involved with making similar episodes on TV shows, after grabbing the microphone from SuRie’s hands as she was singing, made a brief announcement.

SuRie  talked about her experience on ITV’s morning show, revealing she has still bruised due to this unfortunate incident.

“There was no time to feel fear. The security suddenly appeared, ran toward him while he grabbed my microphone. I lost the microphone for a few seconds while my song continued to play. The vocals continued to sing, while the audience clapped. I applauded them without having the microphone in my hands. I turned my head and saw the microphone on the floor. I thought this is mine and I have to finish my song.”

EBU allowed SuRie to re-interpret its participation again,just as 2010 Spanish represenantive Daniel Diges, who faced the same situation. Ultimately, however, according to the BBC’s announcement, the British delegation has decided not to use this right.

The offender, after being arrested by the police in Lisbon, was released today with a financial guarantee, waiting to be charged for his deed.

The United Kingdom was ranked 24th with 48 points despite the fact that the audience reacted enthusiastically when SuRie continued, clearly troubled, singing the Storm.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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