United Kingdom 2018: SuRie’s first rehearsal on stage

United Kingdom 2018: SuRie’s first rehearsal on stage

After the host country, the champion in 2nd placings in Eurovision History , the United Kingdom. This year the country is represented by SuRie and the song “Storm” that won the British national final.

SuRie is wearing a white long dress and walk in a construction of lights in a row having the shape of a rhombus. The shapes initially seem to be one-dimensional. Surie walks in the construction through out the whole song backwards and forwards. The dominating colors of the illuminated shapes is white and purple.

During the second and third run we have the use of dry ice and firework in the front line of the stage.Vocally very good and confident and totally synchronized with her backing vocalists. The only problem is that the alternations of camera shots are not harmonized with the song itself.

Watch below SuRie’s first rehearsal:

Angelo D.

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