United Kingdom 2019: Robbie Williams ruins the rumors 

United Kingdom 2019: Robbie Williams ruins the rumors 

About a week ago,it was revealed that Robbie Williams declared his interest in representing the United Kingdom in the upcoming Eurovision Contest. Since that day, all the media beleaguers Robbie to take some clear answers about the contest. But he said he did not want to compete next year.

The rumors began when radio producer Scott Mills revealed that:

“Robbie Williams is a great fan of the institution and I do not think he is joking. It would be amazing as she is a great artist. Such a great artist will also make other stars interested in the institution and thus change the perception of Eurovision in the UK “.

The answer to the rumors and questions  came up through a live streaming made by Robbie Williams with his father and Adi Youzefovitch on Instagram. There he stated:

“I will not participate in the next Eurovision contest because I have nothing to promote. If I had to promote something I would participate, but I will not do anything in Europe this period “.

The well-known singer has revealed that the winning song of this year’s Eurovision, “Toy”, has become his favorite. His last album from Under The Radar Vol.2 is titled “Andy Warhol” and you can listen to it here:

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