United Kingdom: Blue shows the next country’s representatives

United Kingdom: Blue shows the next country’s representatives

Boyband “Blue“, who represented the UK in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, with the song “I Can”, winning 11th place, stated in an interview with Edinburgh News that Steps should try to represent the country in the Contest .

During this time, Steps performs concerts throughout the UK, with both Blue and Finland’s represenantive Saara Aalto.

Speaking to the Edinburgh News, Ian “H” Watkins, a member of the Steps band, while Blue were opening their concert during the tour, said that watching Blue singing “I Can” , said that this performance is from Eurovision.

Indeed, the following day Ian, through his twitter’s personal account, said he would like to compete on Eurovision stage , while Blue watched the tweet  during the Summer  tour, they said they believed Steps must attempt it.

However, it seems that another member of Steps, Claire Richards, seems to have a difficult view, explaining how their future participation in the Eurovision Song Contest depends on how much the UK is dear to Europe. Indeed, she said:

“Well, if you ask H, he will say yes. If you ask the rest of the band, probably not. We had such an amazing time last year and we still have , we enjoy this thing right now. When the rest of Europe loves us, it will probably never happen, then maybe”.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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