United Kingdom: Eurovision 2020 entry to be unveiled on February 27

United Kingdom: Eurovision 2020 entry to be unveiled on February 27

Through its official Twitter account , BBC, the UK’s national broadcaster uploaded a video of  Graham Norton, announcing that the country’s Eurovision 2002 entry will  be unveiled on February 27 on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.

Change of direction for the UK for Eurovision 2020, as the country after 4 years of national finals through the Eurovision: You Decide format, decided to swtich to an internal selection. The best placing for the Uk entries was in 2017 when Lucie Jones finished 15th in Kiev. The last time the UK opted for an internal selection was back in 2015 with Electro Velvet who performed Still In Love With You, and finished 24th in the grand final

Therefore BBC decided this year to go internal and will be revealing the country Eurovision 2020 entry next Thursday, February 27.

The Eurovision Story so Far

The United Kingdom participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 1957 and has been crowned winner five times (1967, 1969, 1975, 1981, 1997). The UK holds the record of finishing in the 2nd place the most times than every other country in the contest, specifically 15 times. Although big names of the music scene have represented the country in the past ( Sandie Shaw, Olivia Newton John, Lulu, Buckz Fizz, Brotherhod of Man, Cliff Richard, Sonia, Gina G, Bonny Tyler and many morein the latest years its results are rather disappointing for a country with such a big share in the international music industry.

In the latest years, UK followed the same formula of national selection in 2016 to select Joe and Jake who finished 24th. In  2017 through the same process Lucie Jones was decided to represent the UK ending in the final 15th while last year Eurovision You Decide 2018 winner, SuRie finished in the 24th place in the grand final.

Last year Michael Rice won the national selection Eurovision You Decide 2019 and represented the British colours in Tel Aviv with his entry Bigger than Us, but scored another disappointing result for the Uk as he finished last in the Grand final.


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