United Kingdom: JOWST sees all three song proposals rejected for “Eurovision: You Decide 2019”

United Kingdom: JOWST sees all three song proposals rejected for “Eurovision: You Decide 2019”

The Uk’s national selection, Eurovision: You Decide 2019 , is in progress as the submitted songs are being reviewed in order for the finalists to be determined. Among those who submitted a song for the country’s national final are past ESC participants, such as Tamar Kapelian as a contestant (Αrmenia 2015) and JOWST as a composer (Norway 2017).

JOWST was feeling lately rather confident that one of his three song proposals will go through and compete in the British national final. However , through his personal twitter account he informed the public that neither of his three songs was accepted  to compete in the national final.

Precisely the Norwegian composer and act mentioned:


They actually think that my 3 best songs/demos are worse than ALL the songs they will have in their national final.
But don’t worry, you’ll hear it one day, and can decide for yourself ❤️🎢


#UKxJOWST IS OFFICIALLY DEAD 💀 they didn’t want any of my songs. Good luck 🇬🇧

Unfortunately this attempt didn’t go well for JOWST . In previous posts he had expressed his willingness to help UK achieve a better result in the contest. However with his last post he seem rather disapointed wondering whether his song are all three the worst ones from the rest and he informs that at some point all song will be released so as the public to judge itself.

Notable that laat year , the Austrian entry in Lisbon  Nobody Like You  has been rejected earlier by UK but eventually ended up in Austria which took a 3rd placing on the final scoreboard, topping the Jury voting too. So we will have to wait and listen to the finalists of Eurovision:You Decide to form a clear picture whether JOWST had a point in his post.

JOWST represented Norway  in 2017 with the entry Grab The Moment, which finished in 10th in the Grand final:

Για περισσότερα νέα σχετικά με τον αγαπημένο θεσμό μείνετε συντονισμένοι στο InfeGreece. 

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