United Kingdom: SuRie enters the Official Singles Charts

United Kingdom: SuRie enters the Official Singles Charts

SuRie, as we all remember, represented the United Kingdom this year in the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Storm”. We were all surprised by the invasion of a stranger on the stage while singing, as well as by her absolutely cool and professional reaction at that moment.
Even though the United Kingdom did not do great things once again in the contest, she managed to become particularly beloved  to the English audience, especially after this incident. Already, in the United Kingdom, many fans have begun a campaign to “demand” her to represent their country in 2019.

At the same time, after four years, the English  artist managed to enter the Official Singles Charts in the UK, in box 50, which the “Children of the Universe” last had managed in 2014 in the 23rd place.

This proves that, irrespective of the country’s 24th position in the final ranking with 48 points, SuRie enjoys the love of the audience and her song is liked by a large part of the English audience.

A week after the Eurovision contest, ranking of the Official Singles Charts,l were revealed and apart from  «Storm» in position 50, we find «Fuego» in 64th place and «Toy» in 49th.
Other Eurovision entries that have managed to enter this ranking in the past were Portugal in 2017 in 97th place and Sweden in 2015 in 11th place.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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