United Kingdom: Watch SuRie’s “Storm” video clip

United Kingdom: Watch SuRie’s “Storm” video clip

Another one Eurovision entry has just been visualized. SuRie‘s “Storm” has taken a visual shape  and is coming back stronger. With its distinctive style, SuRie is ready to leave her mark in the contest.

A few words about the song

Storm is a song that has mainly mid-tempo character, enriched, at some moments, with up-tempo elements. The piece has a pretty positive character which, along with SuRie’s distinct voice, is even more prominent.

As far as the video clip is concerned, we could say that it is based on very specific colors (white, black, red and some blue). Some very good shots and some dancing moves characterize the “Storm clip”. Finally when the track reaches the bridge, the video clip becomes dynamic and the scenes are rotating very quickly, something that draws our attention.

So having heard the song a long time ago, it’s time to enjoy its video clip:


Fotis Kourouvanis

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