What Lies Beneath… Eurovision 2014

What Lies Beneath… Eurovision 2014

What lies beneath Eurovision 2014? Well, this seems like an easy question to all the press and fans gathered in Copenhagen, but we’d like to share all this information with you. This year DR has decided to invest most of the budget for Eurovision in the staging and the lightning, and definitely NOT in the facilities. The B&W hallerne is not a venue or an arena, it’s just an hangar, an abandoned hangar redesigned to host Eurovision. It’s probably the sleaziest place where the Eurovision song contest has ever took place. Since Denmark is a healthy country, you’d never imagine that the ESC could take place in such a site, but they’re clever enough not to show to the world how the “Arena” looks like on the outside. They want to amaze the world with an spectacular show (and they will), but… what would be the reaction of press and delegations if such a “venue” was in a country like Greece, Spain or Portugal?

The hangar is surrounded by tons of debris and scrap. Almost everything is prefab, and instead of a proper press centre there are several tents, very uncomfortable and very inappropriate for such a big event. In fact this is an industrial zone… can you ever imagine that Eurovision could be held in an industrial site? Welcome to Copenhagen.

Getting to Eurovision Island is not easy either. The transportation (via water or land) really takes time (non less than 45 min). Probably they will strengthen the services from tomorrow on (first semifinal).

Here is an image of what the hangar looks like in the inside (before getting to the fully equipped zone)


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