Ann Sophie, Germany’s 2015 representative performs having on stage 4 backing vocalists, each of whom stand in front of a circular light. Everyone on stage is wearing black, including Ann Sophie who wears a full black jumpsuit. Watch the video below:


United Kingdom

The 5th country to rehearse today is the United Kingdom. Electeo Velvet perform Still in Love with you , a fun and enjoyable performance. In the last rehearsal, the electrical equipment to Bianca’s dress was easily recognisable and often became a constant distraction so to solve this the the British delegation have made Bianca wear her white over coat.



Next on stage  is Lisa Angell of France. Lisa performs a strong vocal performance on stage, exerting plenty of passion and drama into the performance with a lot of emotion.Towards the end of the performance, 4 drummers begin to walk towards Lisa, with figures of the drummers also appearing on the screen.